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Made An Appointment With The Center For Morton’s Neuroma Treatment

Treating Morton’s Neuroma

I was suffering from Morton’s neuroma and had been for awhile. I had went to a foot doctor to try to find ways to treat it. The doctor told me to wrap it, ice it and to try different shoes out. I had tried everything to take care of it, but nothing was working. I bought new shoes, I bought inserts to put in my shoes that were supposed to help and I tried medications with no luck. I wanted to look into other options and I let my doctor know this. He told me that there were other ways to treat it and that surgery was an option that many people found relief with.

I wanted to find out more about Morton’s neuroma treatment and what methods were available. I went online and I searched for the surgeries available. That’s when I came across a website for The Center For Morton’s Neuroma. I was able to look over their treatment methods and testimonials from patients that had opted for surgery and other treatments this center used.

After learning about this place, I wanted to talk to my doctor about it. I wanted to see what he thought about this center and what he had heard about it. He said that he had heard of this place and that many people found relief from getting Morton’s neuroma treatments there.

I decided to give them a call to see if I could make an appointment with them. I wanted to find out from them how they could treat the problem I was having. They wanted to set up an appointment with me so they could look at the problems I was having firsthand and see the extent of Morton’s neuroma that I was suffering from.

I arrived at my appointment and after the doctor looked at the extent of my issue, he recommended surgery for the issues I was experiencing with Morton’s Neuroma. I asked how long it would take to get an appointment for the surgery and he said it was usually no longer than a week of waiting. I figured I had waited this long and could wait another week so I made an appointment.

I had the surgery at The Center For Morton’s Neuroma and I am so happy I did. It was the only way to relieve myself of the pain I was having in my foot. I can’t believe I allowed myself to suffer for so long before making an appointment with them. It was worth everything I paid and I have been able to resume my normal activities without any limitations. I didn’t realize how limited I was on things I could do because of Morton’s Neuroma. I am now able to do so much more without having the pain of this problem. I would recommend this to anyone that is suffering from this problem because it was the only thing that helped the pain I experienced.